10 tips for your winter hair care routine

It is starting to get cold and before you know it, the first snow will have fallen or has it already started to snow where you live? Whether it has started to turn white for Christmas or not, you can be sure that there is a chill in the air that is starting to trouble your hair and skin. 

While most of us pay a lot of attention to our skin during the winters – lathering it up with really good quality hydrating products and investing in skincare serums from indē wild, but what about your hair? 

Are you paying just as much attention to your locks as well?

Many a times, we continue to follow the same hair care routines, even during the winters, without realizing that there needs to be a change and your hair care during winter needs to be different. 

We bring to you a list – 5 dos and 5 don’ts that you need to include in your winter hair care routine to maintain the health of your hair and make sure that they look great, every day! 

Here are the 5 dos that you should have in your winter hair care routine

  1. Pamper your hair with oil - A simple oil massage is a great way to nourish, hydrate and protect your hair during the winter months. Of course, we would suggest our Champi hair oil, but you can use any natural oil. The benefit of using Champi is that it is a blend of not only many handpicked oils, but also other ingredients, which will give you hair that you will fall in love with! All you have to do is, once or twice a week – ideally 30-45 minutes before you intend to wash your hair – you need to take the oil, warm it up gently and give yourself a hair and scalp massage. 
  2. Change out your products – During the winter months, you need to look for products that will help lock in the moisture and offer enhanced hydration to your hair. So, while your nights need to end up with our Moonlight Scalp Serum, you might also want to change out your regular shampoo for one that offers more hydration and a leave-in conditioner that will help control the frizz and static. 
  3. Get that trim – If you have been pushing the trip to the salon for your hair trim, this might be the time to go and get it. Winter care for hair means ensuring that you keep those split ends at bay, because they can make your hair weaker, more brittle and highly prone to breakage. Ideally, you should get a trim, every 6 weeks, especially during the winters, to ensure healthy hair. 
  4. Cover up – One of the easiest ways to protect your hair during the cold months would be to cover up – like you cover up your body, hands and toes to keep them warm, do the same for your head too. Invest in some loose-fitting hats and caps or even some luxurious scarves, using which you can use to cover your hair, every time you step out. 
  5. Eat right – No matter the season, the one tip that you need to keep in your hair care arsenal is eating right – this means that you need to have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and of course, sufficient amount of water in your daily diet.

Here are the 5 don’ts that you need to follow for your hair care in winter

  1. Wash less – Do not wash your hair daily, because every time you wash your hair, you are stripping away the natural oils from your hair and scalp. During the winter months, you are bound to sweat less and you should be able to afford to wash your hair once or twice a week. 
  2. Say no to hot waterStanding under a hot shower might seem heavenly, but it could wreak hell on your hair! The hotter the water, the drier your hair and scalp will become; so, stick to warm water or room temperature water, because that is the safest bet for your hair.  
  3. Skip the color Another one of the tips for hair care in winter would be to keep your hair as natural as possible. Try not to experiment too much with your hair during winters – let your hair go back to the natural colour for a few days, because the more chemicals you apply to your hair, the weaker they will become. 
  4. Keep the styling toolsDo not use too many heat-based styling tools during the winter months, since overheat is not your hair’s best friend. While it is ok to use a curler or straightener for a special occasion, try to limit the usage and that too make sure that you have some form of heat protection in place too. 
  5. Dry your hair right Do not step out into the cold air, while your hair is all wet, because this is a recipe for disaster. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage, which is why you need to make sure that you dry your hair out properly, before stepping out. And in case you are planning to use a hair dryer, go for a low or cold setting. 

At indē wild, we try to bring to you more than just products – we are your tribe on your journey to better skin and hair, no matter the weather outside!