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What To Do For Pink Lips – The 8 Dos And Don’ts

Who doesn’t like the idea of having beautiful pink lips? Lips that are naturally soft and plump and have that perfect shade of healthy pink!

But not many of us have that, because many of us don’t really pay attention to them. For most of us, lips are only the medium to flaunt the latest lip color and while we might pay a lot of attention to our face, we don’t do the same for our lips. 

Why do lips get discolored and dry?

Before we can get into how to make lips pink, we need to spend a second to understand why they are getting discolored and lifeless. 

  • Low humidity during summers can dry your lips out 
  • The chilly, dry winds of the winters can also suck out the moisture from your lips
  • When there is a lack of hydration in the body, it will show on the lips first 
  • If have the habit of licking your lips, the salt in the saliva can make your lips dry
  • Using lip products that don’t have nourishing and hydrating properties 

    So how does one get those beautiful pink lips?

    If you want lips that are healthy and pink, there are just a few things that you need to do – a few dos and don’ts. Follow these and you should have the softest, plumpest and prettiest lips ever! After all, at indē wild, we are constantly looking for ways to give you skin and hair that is healthier and better! 

    1. Hydration – Yes! It is as simple as that! When you drink plenty of water, not only are toxins flushed out of your system, there is a better retention of moisture from within the body and that will become visible on not only your lips, but also skin and hair. So, keep that water bottle nearby, all through the day! 
    2. Exfoliate – Did you think that only your skin needed regular exfoliation? Well, your lips are skin too and perhaps the most sensitive, which is why they need exfoliation too! When you are brushing your teeth in the morning or at night, simply use the wet toothbrush to gently exfoliate the lips or use a washcloth to do the same. 
    3. Eat right – While drinking plenty of water is important, eating right is just as important – make sure there are plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your regular diet. When the body is healthy from within, it will become visible on the outside too! 
    4. Stop the smoke – Chances are that if you are a regular smoker, your lips might bear the maximum brunt of it! You might have noticed that people who smoke regularly have darker and more discolored lips. It is believed that smoking can speed up cell damage and contribute to loss of collagen as well. 
    5. SPF for the lips – While you might be lathering up your skin with our AM Sunscreen Glow Drops, are you doing it for your lips as well? The skin on the lips is the most gentle and sensitive, which is why, it will always need that tiny bit of extra care. So, the next time you are applying the sunscreen, apply a little bit to your lips as well. 
    6. Check the date – Many of us have a habit of picking products on a whim, and then stashing them away for a later date. The same happens for lip products – lip balms, lip crayons and lip colors are often picked up because they look good or were on sale. Old and expired products could wreak havoc on your lips, which is why ditch all that is beyond the date! 
    7. Oil it up – There are natural ingredients that are great for healthy lips – whether you use virgin coconut oil or pure rose oil for lips, make sure that you use only pure and unadulterated products. Alternatively, you could pick a pack of our Dewy Lip Treatment, which has not only rose oil, but also shea butter, lotus flower extract, pomegranate oil, linoleic acid, hyaluronic acid, peptide and squalane. Just one application and you will have instantly nourished lips. 
    8. Reapply – Your lips tend to drink up the moisture that it gets, which is why you need to make sure that there is always enough for your lips to ‘drink up’! With our Dewy Lip Treatment, you get intense hydration for almost 8 hours, but we do suggest that you keep the tube handy and reapply as and when you want! 

    It’s simple – if you want to know what to do for pink lips, you need to follow all these tips and you need to make sure that you always have a tube of our lip treatment in your pocket or bag!

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