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Get that festive glow this Diwali!

That festive glow is going to be all around really soon, because the festival of lights, Diwali is almost here! 

And while there will be sparkling, glittering lights all around, this is a time for you to shine too!

At indē wild, we like to sparkle every day and that is the purpose behind all our products too – to give you skin that glows from within and hair that is strong and beautiful! 

But when it is Diwali, there is that desire to sparkle just a little bit more! 

So, here we are, with some hair and skin beauty tips that you can try out, this Diwali. 

The Skin care steps to follow:

Yes, this is a time to enjoy and celebrate. Yes, this is that time of the year, when you want to dress up and look your best. And obviously, looking your best means that your skin and hair also has to be up to par! 

But why fear, when we are here? 

At indē wild, you will find not only the products that you need to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and protected, but also all those tips and tricks that you will need for special occasions such as these!


Pre Diwali skincare

  • CTM needs to be first and foremost, every single day – whether you are prepping your skin for Diwali or are taking care of your skin on a normal day. Invest in a good quality cleanser or facewash and use it in the morning and night. You need to pick a good quality toner, which works for your skin type and you can finish your morning face ritual with our AM Serum
  • At night, you could use our PM serum, which will lock in the moisture and give you that plump hydrated skin in the morning. 
  • What you eat and drink will also have a role to play in your Diwali skincare routine – make sure that you are drinking plenty of water through the day and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies!
  • Did you know that sweating is a good way to get your pores clean? Get in some workouts before Diwali – it will not only get you in shape, but also help flush your pores out to give you a natural glow! 
  • And if you are stepping out, remember the Glow Drops – you need to ensure that your skin is protected against the harsh rays of the sun! 

Post Diwali skincare

Once you are done with the Diwali rush, you need to give your body and skin the rest they deserve:

  • Keep all makeup away from your face for the next few days, but do not skip your skin care routines with the AM-PM Serums and sunscreen. 

  • Try to exfoliate your skin the very next day – whether you choose natural ingredients such as coffee or gram flour or something a little snazzier, that is something you can decide. 

  • If you have used a lot of makeup and products on your face, there is bound to be a certain amount of dryness on the skin. So, you need to make sure that you hydrate the skin a little extra in the days immediately after Diwali. 

  • Home remedies can also come to your rescue – from aloevera to rose water to honey and milk – take your pick based on your skin type and create that soothing, nourishing face pack. 

The Hair care routine you will want

Don’t worry – we didn’t forget your hair! This is the time to try out all those new hairstyles that you have been seeing on social media or maybe even invest in those interesting looking hair accessories. Even if you are planning to leave your hair as is, you need to pay just as much attention to them, as you do to your skin. 

The Pre Diwali hair care tips

  • If your hair has been looking uneven or you are noticing split ends, then this would be a good time to get that hair trim. 

  • Your weekly once Champi session has to continue, because not only will this nourish and hydrate your hair, it will also offer a certain level of protection against the heat-based styling tools you might use or products that you are planning to apply. 

  • And if possible, try to avoid all hair products and styling tools for the days before Diwali – let your hair be natural and free! 

  • Once oiling is done, you can wash the excess off with a good quality shampoo and do not skip the conditioner. 

  • Try to wash your hair with warm or cold water – never hot water – to keep the natural oils of the hair intact. 

  • You also need to ensure that you apply the Moonlight serum, every night, to help reduce hair fall and have fuller looking hair – after all, what better hair style than thick hair that looks and feels gorgeous! 

The Post Diwali hair care tips

Once the Diwali parties are all done, try to wash your hair clean, as soon as possible and the very next day, give it a proper Champi – if possible, you can leave the oil overnight or else, at least for a few hours, before washing it off. 

Keep your bottle of Moonlight serum handy as well – after all, it just takes a few minutes before you hit the bed. Regular usage will ensure that your hair is happy and healthy! 

At indē wild, we live for the festive days and for the everyday – our products are designed to work on a daily basis to protect, nourish, repair, rejuvenate and replenish so that you have hair and skin that is healthy from within and beautiful on the outside. 

So, get ready for this festive season, with a little help from indē wild!

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