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5 things to do on your self care weekend!

Being a woman in today’s world is tough – you are constantly on the move; you are always doing something and you are almost always busy. Whether you are out there breaking the glass ceilings or you are being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, time is perhaps your most precious commodity and no matter how much you try, you are never able to find some of it for yourself. 

Well, we say, that make the weekends all about you, make it about bringing out those self care products and about pampering yourself with all that what makes you happy. Here are the 5 best ways to pamper yourself, this weekend and perhaps every weekend:

  1. Let’s start at the top – your hair! For most people, the weekday hair and skin care is often just a quick wash; even your hair doesn’t get more than a quick wash and dry. That is why, over the weekend, we suggest that you bring out your bottle of Champi hair oil, pour out a few pipettes into a dish and warm it up. Then using gentle hands and your fingertips, massage the oil into your scalp and through the length of your hair. Treat yourself to a warm towel wrap as well – dip a towel in some slightly hot water and then squeeze it out. Wrap your hair in this towel and allow that warmth nourish and hydrate your hair. If you are not planning the hot towel, you could even leave the oil in your hair overnight. Do remember to wash and condition your hair and the best thing to do would be to let your hair air dry. 
  2. Moving onto your face – this is a good time to bring out your face masks (the store bought ones or the ones you choose to make at home). Use a charcoal based mild face cleanser to draw out all the dirt and grime that might have settled in and use the weekend to spend a little time exfoliating as well. It is important to remember that while you can use skin care serums every day, exfoliating needs to be kept for once a week. You can create a scrub at home or you can use your favourite brand to exfoliate and remember to use gentle hands. Once done, use a sheet mask or a DIY face mask to nourish your skin. Finish the face care routine off with our AM or PM serum, depending on when you are choosing to pamper yourself!
  3. Don’t leave your hands hanging – since they too must be tired of doing so much! Whether you are typing away all day or you spend the day getting the home clean, your hands tolerate a lot. So, this weekend, treat yourself to a manicure – if you can’t go to a salon, you can always treat yourself to one at home. Take a large bowl with some warm water and body wash and let your hands enjoy a good soak. Either you can use an exfoliating scrub. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of moisturiser and massage it into your hands and skin. 
  4. Your feet need some love too – because we often forget what holds us up all day long! Take this weekend to treat your toes too – start by soaking them in some warm soapy water, which will help loosen the dirt and well, because it just feels really nice. You can use an exfoliating scrub to clean your feet or a pumice stone and some body wash can also do the trick. Remember to wash your feet really well to get rid of all the dirt, dead skin cells and remnants of the soap as well. Finally apply some moisturiser and give your feet the massage they deserve, before painting your toes with a colour you like!
  5. Soak it all up – by soaking yourself in a warm bubble bath! Once you are done with all your skin and hair care, give the final pampering session to your entire body, by taking a nice long bath. You can either add your favourite bath bomb or add a few drops of your most loved essential oil to the water. Remember to light up some candles, put on some soothing music and just take the time to savour the time you are finally getting for yourself! 

Before you start your pampering session, we would suggest that you get your hair and skin care products, that is, our Champi Hair Oil, AM Sunrise Glow Serum and our PM Sunset Restore Serum, ready beforehand. And while the AM and PM serums should be a part of your daily routine, there is no reason why on the weekends, their usage can’t become a little more long winded!