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Power Couple: AM Serum and SPF
A dynamic duo to protect skin from environmental damage and provide that everlasting indē wild glow

Why it works together: Vitamin C, an antioxidant powerhouse is widely applauded for its ability to protect skin from free radical damage caused by UV exposure. It comes as no surprise then, that our AM Serum and SPF are a match made in skincare heaven. Studies have shown that applying an antioxidant serum such as a Vitamin C before sunscreen application can maximise SPF performance. Hard working ingredients Niacinamide, Ashwagandha extract and Turmeric Extract help to sooth, brighten and fade dark spots over time.

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The Sunrise Glow Serum is power-packed with 15% Vitamin C – an unheard-of amount of brightening goodness! But that’s not all… This vegan, cruelty-free morning (really, all day) formula is loaded with traditional Ayurvedic superfoods including Turmeric and Ashwagandha, coupled with potent actives such as pure Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. These skin essentials work in perfect harmony to reduce the appearance of dark spots and redness, fight free radicals, hydrate and rejuvenate while leaving a healthy glow.

12% Zinc Oxide, mineral SPF 50+

Expert created and tested, sun and skincare hybrid, our broad spectrum SPF 50 Glow Drops shield your skin from 99% of UVA/UVB rays. This innovative formulation is rooted in Ayurveda and is intentionally made with acne prone, hyperpigmented and sensitive skin in mind with a lightweight and non-clogging serum texture. With super ingredients like Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide, Centella (Gotu Kola, in Ayurveda) and Liquorice Root (Yashti Madhu in Ayurveda), it provides full sun and skin protection for all skin tones, all year long!

To add, our AM Sunscreen Glow Drops have been given the highest UVA protection rating of PA++++ rating. This is an important distinction because SPF (sun protection factor) measures UVB protection while the PA rating measures UVA protection, making our sunscreen a true all-rounder. Regular use helps shield against redness, burning and damage to our skin’s genes and aging process caused by the sun.

Apply and watch the SPF Glow Drops absorb into the skin for a sheer, glowing finish and ZERO white cast!

This 8-in-1 multi-tasker drops formula goes above and beyond:

Dermatologically tested full spectrum sun protection Soothes and protects acne prone, damaged and sensitive skin

Brightens hyperpigmentation and shields against dark spots Boosts antioxidant activity by 200%

Acts as an anti-pollution veil Blocks blue light damage Intensely hydrates to leave you with that perfect “indē wild glow”

Acts as a silky makeup primer for natural, radiant finish *Our AM Sunscreen Glow Drops are available in the US and UK. Canada and India, please stay tuned… coming soon to you too!

*Only ships to the US.

Protect and Glow - indē wild US
Protect and Glow - indē wild US
Protect and Glow - indē wild US
Protect and Glow - indē wild US
Protect and Glow - indē wild US

just in case you were wondering

Is the Champi Hair Oil dermatologically tested?

Yes, we’re proud to say that the Champi Hair Oil is dermatologically tested for safety and has been deemed as non-irritant.

What is “champi”?

A champi ritual is a head and scalp massage using hair oil and incorporating the use of pressure points to relieve tightness and tension. When done weekly, it has shown to increase circulation and nourishment, and therefore hair growth, while calming anxiety.

Why is champi important?

The practice of champi head massages, using oils to nourish the scalp and hair, is proven to reduce stress carried in the head and neck. This technique of massaging oil into the scalp in a circular motion increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, thus lessening anxiety. For the hair, it is an effective practice for conditioning the scalp, boosting hair health from the root to the ends, reducing dandruff and hair breakage and thinning, and preventing premature graying.