Why is our 15% Vitamin C buzzworthy? - indē wild US

Why is our 15% Vitamin C buzzworthy?

We’ve all been told to drink OJ or take citric daily supplements, especially when our body needs some extra love, Vitamin C holds the crown for its unmatched healing powers, from the inside out. This vital antioxidant has countless good-for-you properties including supporting the immune system by protecting and maintaining cell health and repairing tissues for healthy bones, blood vessels, and skin. Music to our ears! 

As in our Sunrise Glow Serum, Vitamin C can be used topically to help treat and prevent skin aging, aid in fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and guard the skin from free radicals. With so much goodness packed into a single ingredient, we’ve intentionally incorporated an optimal (unheard of) concentration of 15% in our AM serum. Our in-house expert team recommends daily use for protecting against oxidation (which creates fine lines and wrinkles) and overall skin firmness for youthful, supple results. 

Our personal favorite part is the healthy radiance Vitamin C leaves behind -- we like to call it the indē wild GLOW! Don’t believe us? Check out how the tribe feels here.