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Want Smoother And Softer Skin? Here’s What You Need To Do

Who doesn’t like waking up to skin that is smooth and bright and radiates! 

A rare few are blessed with skin that needs little to no care, but the rest of us mortals often need a range of skin care products for smooth skin. And while it is easy enough to go to a store and pick everything in sight, or shop online for whatever brand is trending at the moment on social media, there needs to be a little thought going into what you actually pick. 

While you might dream of skin that is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, have you ever wondered, what causes skin to become rough in the first place?

If we were to explain this in the simplest manner – when there is damage to the skin, due to a range of problems, such as using too many harsh products, scrubbing it too much, or spending too much time out in the sun or there is a general loss of moisture from your skin, your skin will start to show it. So, if you are not using the right type of moisturizer for your skin, if you are not using the right type of sun protection, if you are using skin care products that have ingredients that are irritating your skin, you are creating situations that will leave your skin feeling rough. 

So, what do you do to get the kind of skin you have always dreamt of?

If you want smoother, brighter and softer skin, there are three main things that you need to do:

  • You need to include hyaluronic acid

There are plenty of moisturizers in the market today and it's easy to get carried away by the packaging or the scent. But what really matters is the ingredients in the products for soft, smooth skin that truly matter. If your skin has been feeling really dry, then your regular moisturizer or face cream might not cut it. You will need something that will not just give you that layer of moisture, but actually draw moisture into the skin and lock it up! That is the only way your skin will start to look plump and eventually become soft and smooth and of course, supple too. For that to happen, you need a humectant like hyaluronic acid – known for its moisture locking properties, this one ingredient can give your skin that dewy look. 

  • You need some Vitamin C as well

We have been consuming vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits for years and years, because we know that it is an ingredient that boosts your immunity. But today, vitamin C has become incredibly popular in the world of skin care – it not only has anti-ageing benefits, but can also help repair skin from within. Because it can also reduce the damage that is caused by the actions of free radicals, it can eventually give you smoother and brighter skin. When you pick skincare products for brighter skin that has vitamin C, you might also want to consider the collagen boosting benefits, because with more collagen in your skin, it will look plumper and better. 

  • You definitely need sun protection

One of the easiest ways to keep your skin looking soft, smooth and bright is to ensure proper sun protection – you might have invested in the best products for brighter skin, but if you do not have a proper sunscreen in your skin care arsenal, you might not get what you are aiming for. Spending too much time in the sun, without protection, could cause your skin to become rough, dry and almost leather like. You need a product that can offer you protection against the UVA as well as UVB rays of the sun. 

Apart from these, there are some other things that you will have to keep in mind:

  • For starters, you need to keep an eye on your diet – what you put ‘in’ your body is eventually going to show ‘on’ your body too! Plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and water will give you better skin. When you are putting vitamin C on your skin, make sure to put a little A, B, C and more into your body as well!
  • Do not compromise on your beauty sleep – there is a reason why it is called so, because when your body gets enough rest, your skin and body get the time to repair and rejuvenate itself as well. Studies have linked lack of sleep with premature aging as well! 
  • Sweat it out with some form of exercise, because you do need to get your blood pumping – whether you choose to dance like no one is watching or you want to hit the gym, get your sweat on! Sweating also open your pores and helps clean them out! 
  • Keep your skin care routines tight – make sure that you cleanse daily, moisturize daily and exfoliate regularly! 

Now, you could look for individual products for brighter skin or you could just come to us and buy a total of 3 products! 

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