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Serums – Yes To Them Or Not?

Whether you go to your favorite skin care brand store or you shop online, there is a chance that you will have noticed rows and rows of bottles, with the term serum printed on them. If you have not used a serum before, there is a possibility that you might not know about it, but before you decide the jump bandwagon, it would be wise to learn more about what a serum actually is and what the benefits of serums are. 

Let’s start with what exactly is a serum?

A topical product with comparatively thin viscosity, a serum tends to contain a highly concentrated amount of active ingredients. The idea behind a serum is simple – because there are a large number of active molecules, their ability to penetrate the skin and show results faster are higher. Ideally, you need to combine a serum with a moisturizer, because the moment the active ingredients are directed towards the skin, they need to be locked up, and that is where the hydration and moisture come in. Think of it like this – a serum helps to improve the appearance of discoloration or fine lines or acne and moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated! You could always look for a serum that has moisturizing benefits for best efforts. However, using an emollient rich or occlusive over your serums, helps to retain moisture and is an essential part of the skincare routine.

Before you pick one, know that there are several types of serums:

There are several types of serums on offer in the market these days – these are based on not only the skin conditions, but also based on ingredients. In general, there are a few main categories:

  • Skin brightening serums – Meant to brighten and lighten the skin, these serums tend to have high amounts of antioxidants and ingredients that will fight pigmentation. Ingredients such as Vitamin C, glycolic acid, licorice root and kojic acid are commonly seen in serums for glowing skin.
  • Skin texture serums – With more and more pollutants in the environment, there is a need to protect the skin and help improve the texture. Glycolic acid-based serums are a good way to improve the skin texture, because they can penetrate the top layer of the skin and help remove dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin and a more even complexion. 
  • Hydrating serums – Keeping your skin hydrated is essential, and hyaluronic acid is a good way to do so – although our body naturally has hyaluronic acid attached to collagen, but over time, there is a loss of collagen, which makes the skin loose and saggy. These days, you will be able to find hyaluronic acid-based serums, which can boost the hydration levels of the skin, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Anti-aging serums – In order to increase and encourage collagen production and give your skin the renewal it needs, you might need to look at anti-aging serums and for this purpose, retinol is an ingredient that you need to look for. One of the best facial serums for aging skin would be one that has bakuchiol, which is a plant-based alternative to the chemical retinol. 
  • Anti acne and sensitive skin serums – Whether you have overly sensitive skin or have acne prone skin, a serum that has ingredients such as salicylic acid or niacinamide would be good choices. Ingredients like these can soothe the skin and offer it relief from irritation. 

Finally, let’s take a look at the major benefits of serums:

  • One of the biggest benefits of face serums is that it is normally a very lightweight formulation, which means that it not only gets absorbed into the skin really quickly, but also feels light and easy on the skin. 
  • Because serums have a more concentrated formulation, they tend to show results a lot more quickly, as opposed to other types of skin products. 
  • Whether you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin, chances are that there is a serum that will work just right for you – it will help reduce acne, reduce irritation and redness and give you skin that is healthier and glowing. 
  • With serums that have ingredients like retinol or bakuchiol, you can enjoy skin that is plumper and younger looking. 
  • You can also find serums that will help protect your skin against future damage that could happen due to the action of free radicals or sun exposure. 

At indē wild, we have formulated 2 serums – AM Sunrise Glow Serum and PM Sunset Restore Serum – which are a combination of pretty much all the ingredients that we have spoken about. You will find vitamin C in our AM serum and bakuchiol in our PM serum; there is hyaluronic acid in the AM serum and squalane in the PM serum, making these two your best buddies when it comes to skin care! 

So, rather than investing in multiple serums, just pick indē wild’s best serums for skin and make your skin care routine a breeze!