Good for the Soul | Period (+ Skin) Positivity for Menstrual Hygiene Day and Always

Menstrual Hygiene Day (May 28th) is meant to change the narrative around the often taboo topic of period health. Self care and self love, however, is often left out of the conversation.

We get it all too well – your time of the month can bring its own skin “gifts” like dryness, acne, flakiness, puffiness, etc. – brought on by changing hormone levels or period irregularities. While this might seem overwhelming and down right unfair (we’re right there with you, sis), indē wild is here to help. Our streamlined yet power packed serums are loaded with hero ingredients that soothe, calm and refresh the skin. Our AM Sunrise Glow Serum focuses on moisturizing and brightening, while the PM Sunset Restore Serum repairs and rejuvenates overnight. This duo is ready to help you tackle the day, period or not, with confidence! Our only request – be kind to yourself everyday.

Join us this month as we share more on the importance of skin positivity, especially on those tough period days when being kind to yourself feels like a heavy lift. To kick things off, watch below as our Founder and CEO, Diipa, shares 6 tips for menstrual health: